March 2014 Minutes

HULA Board Meeting

11 March 2014

Pete and Kate’s House


Dave Strang, Secretary


Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm

Directors Present

Jack Wade

Nick DeBoeer

Dave Strang

Ari Patz

Sam Suen

Pete Isaacson

Mondo Chun

Stephen Parrish

Directors Absent

Erin Armstrong

Kate Burgess

Members Present

Moko Ishii



Regular Business


Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of previous meeting approved


Next Meeting date:

April 29th, 2014, Parrish’s house, Jack on food


Calendar review:

  • League dates (started last weekend)
  • Schedule set
  • Still need to schedule finals
  • Leeward community college outreach report – from Sat’s letter
  • Sam and Sat attended to promote ultimate and advertise HULA
  • About 40 people stopped by their booth, 20 joined the raffle
  • $49.01 was spent to print 300 flyers (Sat has many leftovers)
  • Played some mini games with a few who were looking to add ultimate to their sports programs.
  • Sat offered HULA as a resource to them
  • Ultimate 101 clinic
  • 10-15 new people, plus veterans
  • Buffy Cushman-Patz brought 6 SEEQS kids
  • rain may have limited turnout
  • plans to do it on the first saturday of each month
  • High school tourney is tentatively being planned for may 10th


Hopu Ka Lewa recap – Ari reporting

  • Ari will send a financial recap when final meeting finished
  • Stacey Fineran recruiting new committee people for next year


Kaimana update – Jack and Nick reporting

  • 550-600 attendees
  • Expecting close to $10,000 profit, but high equipment replacement costs expected this year due to wind damage
  • Kaimana committee wrap up meeting Thursday will help to clarify equipment damage


Treasurer’s report

  • Current balance in HULA account about $32,900 (about $10,000 of that is CD rollover)
  • 1099 for PayPal was initially sent to Mondo because it was in his name.  They are working on getting that corrected and re-issued with HULA’s tax ID number.


Non-profit status

  • Non profit and accounting status + action items
  • Pete will be sending Hopu and Kaimana checkbooks to Terry to have him reconcile them and prepare tax returns.  Terry has HULA’s already


Equipment insurance

  • Equipment insurance update
  • All equipment would need to be insured.  Rented equipment would also be covered if rented in HULA’s name
  • $250 per year, $1000 deductible
  •  board felt like this was not worthwhile


League liaison report

  • Spring league status
  • Schedule set
  • Still need to schedule finals
  • Facebook was primary form of communication to people, but some people were not getting the word. We need to emphasize other communication methods in addition to facebook (e.g., HULA google groups, email lists) for major or official announcements.
  • HULA will be giving discs to newbies


Small events report  

  • Wahine Weekend – January 11-12th
  • Got 22 people (5 of whom were new)
  • Spent $380 of $400 budgeted
  • New people got discs
  • Moko will email her schedule and budget plan to Kate as record for future event planning
  • Yocket Aloha
  • Weather sapped tournament, about 15 people showed
  • Had extra food leftover
  • Kate still working on small events planning packet



Website review

  • See Clay’s Webmaster report at the end of the minutes
  • League vine hugely popular at kaimana


Field report

  • Progress on lighted fields?  Status of discussion at city/county?
  • none
  • Makiki Saturday through end of june, but a kids soccer group (I9 sports) is also booked for april and may.  Field people double-permitted.  Sam is in communication with them to negotiate a compromise
  • Sam will start looking into fields for fall league
  • Sam will start looking into fields for Aloha cup – January 17th-18th, 2015




New business


Regular open/women’s games

  • BOW and Hair Supply teams were talking about how to have men’s games more often, rather than just gearing up for kaimana
  • Regular pick up game suggested, but attendance may drop
  • Various options were discussed and will continue to be discussed.  
  • One possibility is a “Hawaii State Championship” tournament, although no definite plans are in place.



Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm

Webmaster’s Report

Clay McKell

11 March 2014

Web Stats



Future Plans

Web Stats

I have included some snapshots of the statistics that the Hawaii Ultimate website has generated since the last Webmaster report (Dec 5, 2013 – March 10, 2014).

In order, they are

  1. Visitors: Where in the world are people looking at us?
  2. Traffic: From where do people hear about us?
  3. Pages: Which specific pages get the most views/hits? (The top result “/” means the home page.)


Since the last Board meeting, I have endeavored to familiarize several Board members with the online tools available to them.  

As we discussed, all Board members now have permission (via their personal email accounts) to view all BoD online documents.  Those board members that request it will be given upload/edit/create permissions in certain folders/documents.

The endeavors of the current and former Board members to recover old meeting minutes have been rewarded:  Many old meeting minutes are now available online (to anyone).  Along those lines, I have brought Secretary Dave up to speed on the automated Google Doc-to-Wordpress script.  I have also enabled functionality that will take any published post that has been categorized as “Meeting Minutes” and add a link to that post on the aforementioned meeting minutes page.

In a similar vein, Sam has made efforts to publicize the Ultimate 101 clinics on the HULA web page, and now whenever he posts about a new clinic, the static Ultimate 101 page will update its link to post with the newest info.

The novel Kaimana registration system seemed to work quite well.  After some initial hiccups and some lingering server errors, we got over 500 players and guests registered and paid ahead of time.





1&1 Invoice





Future Plans

In the future, I’d like to develop the “Community” and “Governance” area of the site some more.  This would include making a page with Board member bios.

It’s really helpful when people poke around and ask questions, because it helps me know how to better describe/design the available features.