April 2014 Minutes

HULA Board Meeting

29 April 2014

Stephen Parrish’s House


Dave Strang, Secretary


Meeting called to order at 7:20 pm

Directors Present

Jack Wade

Erin Armstrong

Dave Strang

Ari Patz

Kate Burgess

Peter Isaacson
Raymond Chun

Stephen Parrish

Sam Suen

Directors Absent

Nick DeBoer

Members Present



Regular Business

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of previous meeting (March 11th, 2014) approved


Next Meeting date:

TBD pending election of new directors


Calendar review:

  • League dates (consider fall league?)
  • Spring League –
  • Finals May 4th, party May 10th
  • Fall League –
  • Sam requested fields October-December
  • Lacrosse will be having a tournament for one of those weeekends
  • Stephen Parrish and Jack Wade will take the lead in finding new commissioner
  • Summer league –
  • Kyle Gerschutz, Chris Garth, Nicolas McConnell, Christine Kline helping to organize
  • looking for 6+ teams
  • 2nd weekend in june to start, on sundays
  • Ultimate 101 clinic(s)
  • Continuing first saturday of the month at makiki park
  • High Level Open and Women’s ultimate
  • Last saturday of the month at makiki park
  • Other upcoming events
  • May 10th High School tournament


Hopu Ka Lewa – Ari reporting

  • Stacey Fineran and Justin Williams confirmed as co-Tournament Directors
  • Committee formed
  • Theme established, to be announced later


Kaimana recap – Jack Wade

  • Nick DeBoer and Stephen Parrish confirmed as co-Tournament Directors next year
  • Follow up needed on status of tent falling (refund, costs, etc.?)
  • Damage to HULA equipment (pop ups, tent poles, etc.) still needs to be accounted for
  • Kaimana transferred $7000 from Kaimana account to main HULA account


Treasurer’s report

  • Proposed budget
  • Will need to add in accounting fees
  • one time cost to get our books in order
  • line item for hiring an accountant to take care of our books
  • waiting to hear back from Terry regarding quote for these costs

Equipment insurance

  • Equipment insurance update
  • Does not cover rental vehicles
  • Board decided it was not financially worth it to pursue
  • Would be good to one day get an itemized list of HULA possessions

Non-profit status

  • Work continues
  • Retroactive reinstatement application/reasonable cause statement
  • Board approved up to $250 for fees to Trevor Assam to look over our application for reinstatement of non-profit status


League liaison report – Jack Wade

  • Things are great


Small events report – Kate Burgess 

  • Hawaii Disc Overalls
  • Discussion of pre-overalls event to familiarize people with other disc events
  • Kate also suggested a single event of just discathon at the beach between spring and summer leagues
  • Kate will also look for an organizer for Overalls


Website review

  •  no report

Field report

  • Fields are booked for fall league
  • Makiki renewed sundays through August



New business


Aloha Grants

  • High School and Middle School tourname
  • Board approved for up to $500
  • Goaltimate tournament
  • Proposed for May 25th, June 1st or 8th as back up date
  • Board approved for up to $350


 BOD nomination status

  • Sam received many nominations and is finding out who will accept
  • Not many have accepted at this time
  • Board needs to find more nominations

Annual meeting

  • Discussion about how best to inform the membership about the resolution of HULA’s non-profit status

Meeting Adjourned 9:30 pm