Fall League 2016 ~ Registration and Details

Good Morning HULA!!
Whats that you say? You’re having trouble getting over the hump? The first half of your work week has got you in the dumps? All this humidity is driving you crazy? Well then I’ve got something that’ll brighten your day! Registration for Fall League 2016 is officially open!!!
Just click on the link below to get yourself signed up. Here are some basics about the league:
Who: You and almost all of your friends!
What: Playing Ultimate Frisbee
When: Sundays from 2-5:30pm (first day of games is 9/11)
Where: Kapiolani Park
Why: Because it’s awesome!
How: I’ll leave this one up to you, but just be aware that the theme for this league is Clue (and yes there will be a murder mystery to solve)
Now get yourself signed up, and make your friends do it too!
If you’re a member of the HULA Hall Of Fame and you plan to play in Fall League, send Peter a private message.