HULAship HOPU 2016

The Hawaii Ultimate League Association is taking applications for the HULAship program, which is designed to lend financial assistance to HULA members. To be considered for Hopu you must fill out the application below by Monday, October 3rd.

HULAship Recipient Guidelines

What does it mean to be a HULAship recipient?
The HULA BoD allots a certain amount of funds each year to be used for HULAships. Our goal is to support the spirit of Ultimate by supporting spirited ultimate players financially when the need is present. We try our best to allocate funds appropriately and fairly. Some of things we take into consideration are:

• Are you an active HULA member?
• What are your previous contributions to the HULA community?
• Have you received HULAships before? If yes, how many times and how were you rated as a volunteer?
• Is your HULAship application filled out accurately and completely?
• Are there any extenuating circumstances that place you more in need than your average HULAship requesting player?

We are a non-profit organization. We don’t give out any money; however, we do sponsor individuals with a need in exchange for volunteer hours at the tournament. As a practice we do not give out full HULAships.
Guidelines and expectations of those who have been awarded a HULAship for Kaimana Klassic or Hopu Ka Lewa.
At both our big tournaments, Kaimana and Hopu, there will be a committee member whose job is to coordinate the volunteers. This person is known as the Volunteer Coordinator (VC).
• Check in with the VC prior to the tournament. The VC may contact you, but they may also be swamped. Please take the initiative to contact the VC prior to the tournament to let them know you will be helping, how you will be able to help and inquire what may need doing.
• Check in with the VC at the tournament when you get there. Ask the VC what you can do. (You may not know what needs doing, but there are always things that need doing.)
• Initiative and Face Time is important. You will be rated on your helpfulness at the tournament in order for us to know if we should consider a future HULAship application. The VC will be swamped during the tourney but if he/she sees you a bunch, they’ll remember it.
• Put your time in, and keep track of it (roughly).
• You will be getting a post tourney email from the VC asking for a summary of what you did (Please include constructive criticism from the view of the volunteer.).
It takes a lot of work to put on these tournaments and we simply couldn’t pull it off without the help of volunteers. Thank you for your eagerness and willingness to make Hawaii tournaments the best!