HULA Spring League 2017| ROCK OF AGES!

ROCK OF AGES! ยท HULA Spring League 2017

3/5/17 to 5/6/17 at Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, HI
Alright all you Rock’N’Roll craving, Ultimate playing lunatics (mostly just Mark Lennox, but probably a couple more of you)! Spring League is upon us. And while many of you were likely excited for Game of Throws: Season 2, we’re going a different way with this one…

Welcome to ROCK OF AGES!

This spring, each of our magnificent teams will be a ROCK BAND representing an era of rock music, from Elvis Presley to whatever passes as rock music today (a little help from anyone born in the 90’s please?). We will begin each glorious rounds with Musically themed games to determine posession and position, and we will culminate league with a serenaded finals at Central Oahu Regional Park, and an Air Band Competition Party at a location to be disclosed when we know where it is. Rock n Roll!

Be prepared Rock Stars and Groupies! The epicness begins March 5th and stretches til May 6th. See you all soon.