HopuNATION 2017

What is Hopu Ka Lewa?

Hopu is a mixed gender tournament hosted by the Hawaii Ultimate League Association (HULA). The tournament takes place in Waimanalo, Hawai’i on the island of Oahu. The first two days of the tournament are played on grass fields at the Honolulu Polo Club, and the third day is a mixed hat draw tournament at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park (aka “Sherwood Beach”).

What’s the theme?

Every year, Hopu has a theme. This year, the theme is “Hopu Nation.”

First of all, every team will be its own country. Yes, an imaginary but proud and patriotic country. Your bid video should be a doc(mock)umentary about your country. We want to know if you’re good enough to make it into the Hopu Nation! Things you might tell us: What’s the name of your country? What’s your country like? What customs/traditions do you have? What’s the traditional dress of your country? What pastimes do your people enjoy? What food is your country known for? What does your flag look like? How does your economy work?

Along with your bid, you’ll need to submit a graphic of the shape of your country so we can put together a Hopu Nation world map.

Hahaha, NO. Not THAT shape. Try be creative.

You’ll be bringing your flag to the tournament to hang in the Hall of Hopu Nation. You may even be so patriotic that you decide to bring multiple flags to parade around with.

What’s included in registration fees?

  • Camping at beautiful Waimanalo Bay Beach Park or Bellows Field
  • Food and beverages, including adult beverages but excluding lunch, from Friday evening through Monday morning
  • Lunches are provided by vendors at the field and can be paid in cash

How does the bid work?

Every year, Hopu Ka Lewa’s popularity grows, and we have gotten to the point where we regretfully cannot accept all of the bid applications we receive.

In accordance with the mission of Hopu Ka Lewa, the committee will decide on team bid applications with the following priority considerations in mind (these are not requirements to submit a successful bid application, but will only help your chances for invitation):

  • Note: This year’s event is capped at 20 teams (19 bid teams plus one spirit team)
  • Videos are preferred and should be 3 minutes or less
  • Contribution to HULA
  • Quality of bid
  • Past positive impact to Hopu/HULA
  • Philanthropy/growth of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game

Note: Committee retains ultimate discretion on selection of bids

The bid window will open on July 10, 2017 and closes on August 11, 2017. The bid cost is $910. Be prepared to register seven committed players, as there will be no refunds or exchanges on registrations included with your bid. Only complete bids submitted by the deadline will be considered by the Committee. A complete bid includes the following:

*Some teams have asked in the past if they can submit a video longer than 3 minutes. Can, but it better be worth it!

We’ll be honoring our long-standing one-year-old tradition of awarding the best bid video with our prestigious Biddie™ award. The Biddie™-winning video will be featured on our page and confers lifetime bragging rights. It’s almost better than winning the Spirit Award. Almost.

Check out last year’s Biddie™ award-winning video, submitted by Twerk Block Tango. This is the bar for all future Biddies™!

Additional, yet important information:

  • There is no post-Hopu hat draw this year

  • Minimum participant age is 18 and older

  • Parking fee for vehicles at the fields is $10 per vehicle and may be paid during the registration process

Bid/Registration Dates Notes
Biddies Window Opens 7/10/2017 Bid fee is $910
Biddies Window Closes (Bid Deadline) 8/11/2017
Teams Notified Accepted/Waitlist 8/21/2017
Bid Acceptance Deadline 8/28/2017
Last Date for Team Refunds 9/11/2017 Only 50% of bid fee will be refunded, e kala mai!
Individual Registration Opens 9/1/2017 Early Bird Registration Fee: $130
Last Date for Early Bird Registration 9/29/2017 Regular Registration Fee: $155
Last Date for Regular Registration 10/13/2017 Late Registration Fee: $180
Reg Closes/Last Date for Individual Refunds 10/27/2017 Only 50% of registration will be refunded, e kala mai!

Mahalo, and we hope to see you soon!
Hopu 19 Kōmike (Hopu 19 Committee)