Spring League! “A League of Their Own”

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN is finally here! Spring league this year will be celebrating the hard hitting ladies of Hawaii ultimate with an all female captain league. Please welcome your Spring League captains:

  1. Marissa Lubong and Lexi Tansey
  2. Macey Sandford and Paige Blasberg
  3. Jena Kline and Rachel Lindsey
  4. Brittany Cheatham and Jordan Little
  5. Jaimie Chhu and Christine Tasato
  6. Rebecca Peet and Sherry Suehiro

League will begin on Sunday 3/3 with games being held every sunday at Kapi’olani Regional Park from 2-5pm and run till Sunday 5/12, finals. Registration will be open till midnight 2/28 (Thursday), make sure not to miss the deadline so sign up and spread the news!

Your league commissioners Colin Morgan-Outhisack and James Rapoza-Lee


Q: When does league start?
A: League starts Sunday 3/3, the weekend after the Kaimana Klassik

Q: What time are games?
A: Rounds will start at 2pm and 3:30pm sharp. No exceptions. (2-5pm run time)

Q: How long are games?
A: Games will be played to 13, half at 7, with a hard cap after 70 minutes (3:10pm). If tied after universe point one additional point will be played to decide the victor (no timeouts during hard cap).

Q: How many timeouts?
A: One timeout per half.

Q: When are finals?
A: Finals will be held on Sunday 5/12 from 10-6 pm at the Kapi’olani Regional Park.

Q: Is there a theme this year?
A: The theme will be “A League of Their Own (Hawaiian style)“. Your captains will each choose a neighborhood/community here in Hawaii to represent and will be letting you know how to best dress to impress. (Think baseball with hawaiian flair)

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