Beach League 2020 FIRST EVER!

 in Waimanalo Beach, HI
 1/4/20 – 2/8/20
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 organized by Hawaii Ultimate League Association

UPDATE 12/10/2019 – LEAGUE EXTENDED TO FEB 8!! Ladies will be enjoying Wahine Weekend during Jan 11 play, so that day will be a Kane play date.

Hey everyone! Get stoked and grab your sunscreen, the time has finally come for winter beach league!

We’ll be playing on SATURDAYS from January 4 – February 8 (finals Feb 8) on the beautiful beaches of Waimanalo Bay Beach Park/Sherwood Beach (the usual spot). Games will start at 11 and lunch will be provided after.

Daily Schedule:
Game 1 – 11:00 to 12:00
Break – 12:00 to 12:20
Game 2 – 12:20 to 1:20
LUNCH – please bring a disc or other reusable (flat) object to hold your food, eco-friendly reusable utensils are also highly encouraged

We anticipate a four-team league, two captains per team. Some rules –> 3 men, 2 women gender ratio, upside down pulls, water disc is “up” but can only score from field proper, games to 13, only hard cap (no soft cap), 60 min games, 1 time out per game per team.

Our theme is Seasons! One team will represent each season with their best Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer vibes.

IN THE EVENT we do not get enough people registered for four solid teams, we will transition to a HAT DRAW style league. This means teams will change weekly, so you’ll get to play with even more beautiful people on the sands of beautiful Sherwood Beach. The daily schedule will remain the same, HOWEVER, there will be no finals, just normal play (maybe a little extra spice) on Feb 8th. Lunch will still be provided weekly by the league.

Please contact your League Commissioners, Jessica Penner and Paige Blasberg, with any questions or comments! If you are interested in captaining, let us know