2022 Board Nominees

Jena Kline

I’ve been involved with the Hawaii Ultimate community since 2002 and am honored to have served HULA by being a member of the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2010 and again from 2018 to 2020, acting as Treasurer for three of those years. During that time, I have helped to organize tournaments, wahine weekends, regionals teams, league seasons, and outreach clinics. My most recent two years on the Board have allowed me to become familiar with new electronic financial tools, such as Quickbooks, and I feel like consistency is important in officer roles such as Treasurer. If elected to the BOD for another 2-year term, I would strive to continue representing the thoughts and interests of the community while also providing some historical perspective. I am organized and efficient, and I offer my energy, ideas, and experience to continue to strengthen our community.


Nick Dunbar

Hello there! My name is Nick Dunbar and I’ve been a part of the HULA community for about a year and a half. Since joining HULA I have been a part of many fun and exciting events, and made lifelong friends with a great many fellow ultimate players. This community has done a lot for me, and I would like to give back in service as one of your next HULA Board members. I previously served as commissioner of summer beach league, and I was looking forward to captaining during the highly anticipated Saturday Night Fever Spring League. Although we are at an interesting and difficult time in history, I look forward to helping the HULA Board safely bring back ultimate in the coming weeks and months. I would like to focus my efforts on helping the board responsibly manage your league dues and event budgets, to give YOU the players the best possible experiences.


Clark Davis

I have experience playing and organizing college and club ultimate. Playing ultimate has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I would love to serve on the board to focus on community outreach and developing local youth ultimate programs. Giving back to a community and sport that has given me so much would be an amazing opportunity. 


Lexi Tansey

Hi, my name’s Lexi! I’ve been playing ultimate for over a decade and have actively been involved in Hawaii Ultimate for 6 years now. My roots here started with pickup at CORP and quickly expanded to leagues and tournaments. I’ve captained teams, commissioned leagues, and hosted tournaments thorough out my time, thus far. I take pride in the friendships and relationships that are cultivated within our community. I’ve played ultimate on all 4 of the islands actively participating, and I’ve had the pleasure to support inter-island connectivity through both team and tournament settings. 

If elected for the board, I plan to support the continued growth of our community. The bond among ultimate players is an unique and strong one. My goal is to offer the opportunity to support the passions of our community members.


Allysa Lapine

Aloha ultimate peeps,

You may have seen me around pick-up, league, or Hawaii tournaments on any island.

I’ve been a part of the Hawaii Ultimate community for over 10 years now. I love my community and want to do whatever I can to make it even better. My goal is to get more people recruited that have never played ultimate before. As well as provide them, the clinics needed to gain confidence and stick around for the long haul. Some say my positive traits are being extremely organized, good with budgeting, and managing to look like I’m still in my 20s while not being Asian

I am super stoked to offer my skills for you guys for the next two years. I hope to make you proud!


Brian Wright

Hi everybody!  I have been a member of this community for nearly 7 years, I’ve been to Hopu (R.I.P), Kaimana, and every smaller tournament in between (bring back Loco Moco). I believe I would be a good candidate to serve on the board because Ultimate is nearly 60% of my life here in Hawaii, and it has been such a positive experience that I feel the need to contribute to the goodness going around. What I may lack in organizational skills and brain function, I certainly make up for it with my positive spirit and attitude. I am committed to this community like Pooh bear is committed to his drive for honey. Please allow me to serve this community in an official capacity, and I can promise each and every one of you a crisp high-five when it becomes socially acceptable.


Sean Tangco

I believe I’d be a great fit for the board because I have experience, a vision, and a passion for building relationships. After living on Oʻahu for more than three years now, Iʻve experienced the feeling of being a visitor to this island while deeply seeking connection to the local community. So far, it has been quite the journey, however, I envision our Ultimate Frisbee community to be a gateway for both incoming and longtime residents to build stronger connections with one another. There is such a diversity of individuals who walk different paths of life on this island, and I would love to join the board to help create opportunities for these folks to build and strengthen friendships through this great sport!


Austin Moon

I am interested in participating in the HULA board for the next term. I have been playing Ultimate since 2011 when I was introduced to it back in high school. Continued on to the University of Maryland B-Team for my 4 years there. While I enjoy the intensity of the sport and the competition that it encourages, the community is what I am truly passionate about. I owe so much of who I am today to those who I’ve met through the Ultimate community. Now I would love to contribute however I can to helping Hawaii Ultimate grow and prosper.

Chase Benbow

My name is Chase Benbow and I’ve been playing ultimate for over 17 years. Being that I am one of the tallest players in the islands, I hope to stand out among our other incredible nominees. Growing up and playing on Hawai’i Island, I am hoping to help HULA consistently reach communities outside of O’ahu. As the “unofficial” leader of Mānoa Ultimate Disc (M.U.D.), it is also my intention to integrate non-HULA players into our organization to strengthen our ultimate community. It is of utmost importance to me that our community remains accessible, diverse, and welcoming to everyone in Hawai’i and throughout the rest of the world. 


Andy Ryan

Hello I’m Andy Ryan. I was the President of my college club team organizing tournaments and events. I’m fairly new to the community but it has become a major part of my life. I’m dedicated to put in the time and effort to make HULA amazing for everyone.


Amber Yonamine

Hi, my name is Amber 🙂 I’m born and raised in Hawaii, and ultimate has been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years. I first started playing Hawaii ultimate when I was home from college for summer break in 2014, and I’m currently an active member of the pick up, league, and club scene. I would love to give back to my local community by serving as a HULA Board Member!