Finals! {Rec League}

May 7, 2016 all-day
Waimanalo District Park
41-415 Hihimanu St
Waimanalo, HI 96795

Finals Day!

Rounds will start promptly at 9AM. I don’t care if your team is there or not. I don’t care if your captains assess points are not. The round starts at 9:00AM, and all rounds will go for 90 minutes with a nice cushy 30 min break between rounds. mostly so that old people (me) can rest and so that teams that have a difficult time coming up with awesome cheers (purple) don’t have to rush it. There are only 2 fields available to us, so days schedule will look like this:

Round 1 (Quarters 1): 9:00AM

Round 2 (Quarters 2): 11:00AM

Round 3 (Semi’s): 1:00PMLunch, HULA Elections, and live medieval duels: 3:00PM

Round 4 (Finals): 4:00PM

And here is your schedule for the first two games:


Round 1, Field one: House Christofitney vs House O’Magarth

Round 1, Field Two: House Wellingtark vs House Albanrowbanese


Round 2, Field one: House Gerschwansey vs House Brownbrownbrownbrownbrown

Round 2, Field Two: House Klinnarish vs House Sandunnely

I have ordered 16 pizzas for the break there will be some veggie pizzas. If you are an omnivore, please don’t eat the veggie pizzas until we’re positive that all our animal loving friends have eaten. That should be enough for 2 slices for everyone. If you laugh at a snack like that, please bring something to augment your diet. Also, please note that the lunch break is late in the afternoon. I will try to get the pizzas there as early as possible, so if you want to eat earlier, talk blue into beating purple in the first round. If you can’t imagine waiting until 2:00 to eat, please bring something to snack on.

I have ordered 3 kegs for the party. As a representative of HULA, I cannot condone drinking during finals. But someone will probably tap one of the kegs. My bet is It will be someone from House O’Magarth. IF that happens, please be discreet and respectful of the neighborhood our fine league is invading.

Speaking of the party, we have secured ample space at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, (aka Sherwoods), which is located directly accross the street from the Waimanalo Polo Fields, and may be familiar to you as the place we camp out at for Hopu Ka Lewa and Kaimana Klassic. IF you are nto familiar with that, it is here:

We have secured the three campsights closest to Kailua, which are numbered, 5,6, and 7. Here is a map of the campground so you can see where we are going:
A couple things that saavy sherwoods campers know that you may not: 1) the gates to the campsite will close at 7:00. If your car is inside the campground with you, you will be stuck. Please do not count on going over to the caretaker’s house and rousing them from their TV to let you out. We use this campground for our huge tournaments, and WE DO NOT WANT TO STRAIN OUR RELATIONSHIP with the caretakers. So if you are not staying overnight, you must park outside the gates. And this is where it gets a bit tricky. The best place to park is in the neighborhood behind McDonalds, here:
There is a beach access at the end of Aloiloi street (if you get there too late you may have to hop the fence, but try the gate first, sometimes they don’t lock it). Once you’re on the beach, go left and keep going til you see it. It’s a long ways, but you’ll be able to walk out and drive home. On that note. DON’T DRIVE DRUNK. We’re all responsible adults, got it!? A word to the wise, obey all parking signs and laws, including no parking within 20 feet of a street corner. The cops know people park here to go party, and they will let you know via tickets if you’re annoying the people who live in the neighborhood.

We will be setting up a small canopy for music and a large canopy for food and revelry, so if you get there before we do after finals and start pitching your tent, please be cognizant that we will need to make a public space. if in doubt about where that will be, ask a captain. then they will ask me, then we will all see how slow this chain of communication can be.

I will be picking up a whole mess of food for the party from Keneke’s. There will be BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, a vegetable medely, and rice and noodles. As with the pizza, please be aware that some of our friends only eat veggies, and please don’t hog it all til we’re sure they’ve eaten.

Our friends Butter Side Down will be kicking off the music, and when they’ve had their share, Globes will share his music with us.
And here’s the deal with Globes. I want to encourage you, strongly, to think of Globes as a musician rather than a DJ. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him literally a couple dozen times, challenging him with off the wall themes to play music to. He is Damn good at what he does. There’s a really good chance that unless your name is Jess, he knows more about music than you and I, and probably even if your name is Jess. So for this party, I’ve asked him to put together a set for us, and he has agreed. What this means is, he’s there to entertain us, but he is not there to play the music that you simply HAVE TO HEAR RIGHT NOW!. So when that impulse arrises to run toward him, screaming, while taking your clothes off, just remember that this guy is a musician, not a juke box, and scream without requesting anything. If you cannot resist the urge to request songs, you will be booed and heckled away from his tent.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now, I probably forgot something and will badger you again before saturday.

Your loving second favorite commissioner,


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