September 3, 2014

Fall 2014

Fall league will be gearing up shortly. You can register by filling out this google doc and paying below.


League Details

Fall league will  start September 28th and last until December 7th and will encompass about 10 league days.  Each League Sunday we will have two games (1 & 3 pm) at Kapiolani park.

The games will be ~75 min long with a soft cap.  If games take an additional 15 min longer, a hard cap will be called. This may occur in rare instances where wind may be a driving factor.  The gender ratio (m/f) will be 4:3 or 5:2 offense dictates, unless otherwise agreed upon by both captains.  Any team with 5 or fewer players will forfeit that game.


Payment Details

As this is the first league of the year, each registrant will have to pay league fees ($22) and HULA Dues ($28). As a member of HULA, you are able to use many of the community items including: corntoss, our costco card, coolers, pop-up etc.  HULA dues also cover our liability insurance, which acts as a seconday insurance if you happen to get injured in one of our HULA events. The league fees go to things like BBQ’s, field permits, raffle prizes, and our end of league party.  BUT WAIT- if this is your first time playing in an ultimate league, you  will be discounted $10 off the league fee! $50 for returning HULA players, $40 for players new to league, $28 for Hall Of Famers.

League Dues