February 26, 2015

Spring League 2015

Here’s the sign-up for Spring League. It’s a new system that HULA is trying out, so you will have to enter in some new information and create a login. League is played at Kapiolani Park on Sunday afternoons from 1-5 p.m. See you on the fields!

Each week there will be two Sunday games, the first starting at 1pm, and the second finishing by 5 pm.

–League cost is $20, payable online or at the fields.
–HULA dues (for insurance) will be ONLY for players who didn’t play in fall league. Dues are $28, collected at the fields.
–First time players to Hawaii ultimate receive a $5 discount.

Pick-ups & Late registrants:
Don’t want to commit to a full season? Weekly pickup on teams in need of players is available. Cost is $5 per week.

People interested in joining after registration closes will be placed on a waitlist and assigned to teams if there is availability. In the meantime, such players can come weekly and pick-up, and all pickup fees will go towards the league fee if they are placed onto a team permanently.